How Long Will My Powder Last?

Our powders will last about 1 year from manufacture date, but we encourage you to use daily, which means your powder should last between 4-6weeks.

Should I Store My Powder in the Fridge?

Yes! While refrigeration is not required, we recommend storing your powders in a cool, dark conditions in order to minimize oxidation and prolong its freshness and shelf life. 

What is Serving Size?

A serving size is 1.5 TBSP which provides 5 grams of protein and all the benefits of nourishing herbs. This will give you 20 servings per 250g package.

Are Wildflower Superfood Powders Safe When Breastfeeding?

Not all herbs are safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but the herbs used in our blends have been shown to nourish and support breastfeeding women. However, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and these herbs are new to your diet, we recommend speaking with your healthcare provider prior to use.